National Society for the
Preservation of Covered Bridges

Privacy Policy

The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges (NSPCB) takes your privacy very seriously. The following privacy concerns apply to both our Web Site and Mobile App:

  • No personal data is collected for advertising or tracking purposes, and is never shared with third parties. This includes name, address, email, and current location.
  • To fully utilize all functions of the web site and the app, you must register with a verifiable emal address. We may occasionally use this email address to communicate availability of software updates.
  • Current location data is used by the web site and the app only when permission has been granted to access this information by the user. It only used to show current location on maps or to determine proximate Covered Bridges.
  • The web site records IP address information for security purposes only.
If you have any questions or concerns, use the contact button at the bottom of this page to communicate with web site and mobile app administrators.