National Society for the
Preservation of Covered Bridges

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Welcome to the National Society for the Preservation
of Covered Bridges' (NSPCB) database web site.

If you are unfamiliar with NSPCB, please visit the Society's main web site http://coveredbridgesociety.org to learn about covered bridges, and how the society helps to preserve them.

You do not need to be a member of NSPCB to use this site, although membership provides access to more features. All visitors must register to gain access to the database, and must provide a valid email address. Click the 'Register' link above to start the process. If you encounter any problems getting registered, please click the 'Contact' link below and describe the problem you're having. We'll do our best to respond quickly and get the problem solved.

Our database consists of nearly 1000 authentic covered bridges in the US and Canada, cataloged by their World Guide Number (see the main site's Covered Bridge Facts to learn about WGNs), GPS coordinates and many other attributes of the bridge. As of December 2019, about 30% of the bridges also have photos, and we're adding more all the time.

Google Maps and driving directions are provided as part of this site. Users are advised to familiarize themselves with areas they intend to visit -- Google Maps may route you over unimproved roads, and roads in remote areas may not be passable all year long.

Some of the bridges in our database are privately owned. Please respect "Private Property" and "No Trespassing" signs. If in doubt, please ask locally.

As of March 2021, this site is mostly complete. If you encounter any technical issues with the site, have comments or suggestions, or believe our data is incorrect in any way, please use the 'Contact' link below to let us know.

Update February 1, 2020

Site users with member access level can now save and reload searches. You can check your access level by clicking the "Profile" link. If you're an NSPCB member and do not have member access, please use the contact form to let us know.

Update February 10, 2020

NSPCB Members can now record their bridge visits. Go to the Bridge Detail page and enter a WGN. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add". Enter the date and any notes, click "Save".

Update February 15, 2020

The bridge database has been updated to include 15 new or renumbered bridges: 01-08-01, 13-47-02, 14-53-15, 15-61-03#3, 19-08-P06, 20-10-02#2, 32-25-01, 32-48-01#2, 32-52-02, 35-23-49x, 38-33-03, 38-36-22#3, 41-23-a, 45-10-1, 61-21-05#3.

Update March 1, 2020

The General Search now includes an ability for you to search for bridges based on your visit status. The results grid includes a new column labled "Visited", and the results map shows visited bridges with green pushpins; not visited bridges in red. There's also a new checkbox next to the "Search" button that will open the Bridge Detail page in a new browser window or tab when you click the WGN links in the results grid or on the pushpin details.

Update July 20, 2020

"Bridge Lists" and "Route Planning" have been added to the site. Bridge Lists allow NSPCB Members to track collections of bridges they intend to visit or simply want to keep tabs on. Create lists and add bridges to those lists on the Bridge Detail page.

Route Planning works with lists to facilitate planning the optimal route to visit all or a subset of the bridges on a particular list. Start with a list, then identify your starting and ending points (which can be bridges or any location). Click the "Generate Route" button to have Google Maps produce an optimized route from your origin location to the ultimate destination location. The route is mapped, and turn-by-turn instructions are provided.

September 10, 2020

"Many recent improvements have been made to the system so it will work better on cell phones. If you have difficulty using the site with your cell phone, please use the Contact button to let us know.

Also, the General Search now provides a slide show of the results. Keep in mind that our photo database is still incomplete, so no photos may currently be available for bridges located by the search.